A Network of Companies that Can Change Your Life

The Company that 

Funds the Cause...

As a Benefit Company, QuantumCash seeks to help others by solving social causes.

Mobile Payments on Steriods! 

Connecting Consumers & Merchants with 

NO CHANGE in the 

Point-of-Sale Equipment!


For the online shopper who wants specialized products at the best deal prices!


Empowering Consumers through cause-related Crowd-Shopping

A Christian Resource Portal

for America's Families of Faith

Incentivizing Wellness

for America's Smartest Employers and Insurance Companies

Get Paid for What You Love

A Sports Fan's Dream...making money for enjoying sports!

Empowering Students

to Earn Cash on Campus and Income after Graduation....Conquering Student Loan Debt

Boosting Benefits

for America's Working Families

Supporting Those

Who have Supported Us

A New WAVE of Rewards 

for Jersey Shore Vacationers

Brilliant Rewards

For Brilliant People

A Compelling Platform

To Engage & Reward 

Atlantic City Visitors

Rewarding Fans

For Enjoying Themselves

Brilliant Rewards

For Brilliant Travelers

QuantumCash Classic

The Ultimate Rewards Card

Download Our APPwww.MyGeniusPhoneApp.com

Access Membership Benefits Online or by Smart Phone

Turn Your Phone Into a Cash FlowCompanion!

Imagine...receiving cash notifications.....stating, 

You've Got Cash!

Get Your Phone App Today!


Made for iPhone.

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Use it in all your favorite apps.

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